Jenna Coleman wearing the Comic Relief Mickey Mouse t-shirt for Red Nose Day (sold by TK Maxx)

Jenna Coleman wearing the Comic Relief Mickey Mouse t-shirt for Red Nose Day (sold by TK Maxx)

Jenna Item: Red Nose Day White Mickey Mouse Short Sleeve Cotton Unisex T-Shirt
Combined with: black trousers
Worn at: Red Nose Day Photoshoot

Original Retail Price: £9,99
Material: 100% Cotton

In preparations for Red Nose Day, many celebrities, including Jenna Coleman, posed in a series of Disney related shirts that are sold by TK Maxx. Shortly after, the cosplay community jumped on board and started buying and wearing these shirts. I got mine a bit later due to the fact that I don’t live in the UK and had to ask a friend to buy me one. Nevertheless, I got it eventually and can now give you a full review of this cute Jenna item.

At the point of this post, only the size XS is still available online, but if your shop still stocks them in your size, I can absolutely recommend buying it. Not only is it a cute and comfy t-shirt, but at least £4,50 of the £9,99 will go to Comic Relief to support “vulnerable children and young people in the UK and some of the world’s poorest communities” as stated on the TK Maxx website. In this case, buying a cosplay item actually helps a good cause.

As for the t-shirt itself, I can honestly say that it’s a very comfortable item and I am wearing it right now while I’m typing this blog post. Since it’s a unisex shirt, deciding what size to get might be tricky if you can’t try it on or later spot it second-hand. I decided to get a size S because I wanted a roomy, comfy t-shirt even though I was sure that XS would be more fitted. I was completely right. I definitely would have fit in a size XS, but since I wanted it to be cosy and comfortable, I made the right decision. It runs large, so if you want yours a little more fitted to your figure, you should size down.

The material is 100% cotton and the fabric is typical t-shirt material. It feels nice on the skin and doesn’t itch or scratch. I also really like that it’s neither too heavy nor too light as some shirts are. It’s just generally nice to wear. Now, the Mickey Mouse print isn’t really my style and I mainly bought it because a) it’s a Jenna item and b) it’s for a good cause, but I’ve quickly made this my “wear on the sofa while watching telly after work” shirt because of how comfortable it is. If you’re like me and not really a fan of the print but still want the shirt for the reasons stated above, you can always just wear it with pyjama buttons at night. The t-shirt is definitely comfortable enough.

So far, I can only tell you that the original retail price is £10 because I haven’t seen any of the shirts sold second-hand yet, but if they start to pop up, I’ll let you know how much sellers will want for it, but I don’t expect the price to go very high even though many celebrities wore them. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab one at your local TK Maxx shop, just be patient because I’m sure they’ll pop up on eBay in a couple of months.