Which Clara outfit is best suited for a summer convention?

I consider myself very lucky that my favourite convention takes place in October when the weather is usually mild to cool because most of Clara’s clothes are suitable for cooler weather. But what about that very cool summer convention you want to go to? I’ve compiled a nice list of Clara Oswald’s best summer outfits for you to wear at conventions during the hot months.

Summer conventions. Hundreds to thousands of people. Hot weather. Sunshine. Humidity. Not exactly ideal conditions to play dress-up in various layers of clothing, but luckily for us, Clara Oswald’s wardrobe also contains a few lovely summer dresses that are almost perfect for the occasion. Let’s take a look at this list, shall we?

Asylum of the Daleks

The first item on my list is also the first outfit Clara Oswald / Oswin Oswald ever wore on Doctor Who. While it has long sleeves, Oswin’s dress can be made out of light material and is not worn with a jacket or tights, making it perfect for warmer days at conventions. It is also paired with extremely comfortable River Island Sneakers that will get you through an exhausting convention day.

Rings of Akhaten

Admittedly, from the photos, the Rings of Akhaten outfit looks like you’ll be sweating a lot, but this outfit is ideal for cool mornings and hot days. The All Saints Axelle Jacket and tights can be taken off once the temperatures rise, but you will still have them in case of a thunderstorm or cool night temperatures. Clara’s Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Dress has short sleeves and is made of a thin material, ideal for warmer temperatures. It’s also a very recognisable outfit that can be paired with a red satchel (I love it when I get a satchel to go with the cosplay) and some other nice accessories like the 101 Places To See book. Perfect for your next summer con!

Cold War

Cold War is not one of Clara Oswald’s most recognisable outfits, but it’s still a gorgeous one in my opinion. It consists of a short sleeve dress and a jacket for when temperatures drop later in the day. And you probably won’t find another Clara cosplayer wearing the same outfit which makes it all the more suitable for your summer convention.


Clara Oswald’s Hide outfit is another practical example of a versatile cosplay. The Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Blazer (and possibly Barbour Jacket) will keep you warm in the mornings and evenings while the Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Dress has short sleeves and is made of light materials. The tights can also be taken off in extreme heat without the cosplay becoming unrecognisable. Plus, it looks like a regular, cute summer outfit that won’t get you awkward looks on your way to the convention.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

I’ve worn this particular cosplay at FedCon 2017 where I met Matt and Jenna and I can say from experience that this is a summer con ready outfit. The Urban Outfitters Vaudeville & Burlesque Dress is not only a very famous Clara Oswald dress, it’s also extremely pretty and light enough for summer. A slight drawback is that it’s not paired with a jacket, but if the day is hot enough, you won’t miss it. I certainly didn’t while I stood in line for Matt and Jenna in a room full of people and no AC.

Day of the Doctor

Clara Oswald’s River Island Ditsy Dress from Day of the Doctor is one of my favourite summer dresses because of how light it is. It’s very recognisable and light and perfect for your summer convention. If you have the SA jacket or an alt one, you can take it in case of thunderstorms or sudden weather changes, but even without it is still recognisable.

The Ultimate Guide

If one outfit screams summer, it’s Clara Oswald’s look from The Ultimate Guide. While not being very well known and only fellow Clara fans will know what kind of cosplay this is, the Yumi Technicolour Dress is paired with a straw hat and sunglasses. You could wear this to a summer con or a trip to the beach because it’s perfect for either one of these options.


Will you be going on a date straight after the summer convention? In that case, the Alice McCall Dress Clara Oswald wore in Listen will be the perfect outfit. None of Clara’s other outfits exposes so much skin. Once again, the Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Blazer and tights will keep you warm until the sun starts to unleash its full heat, making it the ideal outfit for warm con days with cooler nights.

Mummy on the Orient Express

Want to dress weather-appropriate and deliver a look at the next summer convention? The MOTOE Dress Clara wore is the way to go.

The Caretaker / Dark Water

The Topshop Pipe Tile Dress is probably the lightest dress Clara Oswald ever wore on the show. It can be seen in The Caretaker and Dark Water and is just perfect for the summer months. The fabric is extremely light and perfect for sweltering heat and humid convention days. You probably won’t regret choosing this one for your next summer con.

Dark Water / Death in Heaven

Clara Oswald’s Sessun Wax Ko Ko African Print Dress may look like it’s more suitable for winter, but looks can be deceiving. If you drop the tights, you get a very light summer dress suitable for warm temperatures and the Topshop Check-Lined Mac provides you with a bit of protection from the downpour during a thunderstorm. Another very suitable summer convention outfit.

Hell Bent

While most of Clara Oswald’s S9 wardrobe is more suitable for autumn and winter conventions, there is one outfit that can be worn for summer cons. Clara’s Waitress Dress is not something you can usually buy on used clothing websites, but it can be tailored to your summer con needs. It’s short and depending on what fabric you choose, it can also be as light as you want it to be. Another big plus comes in the shape of very comfortable Converse Sneakers that will get you through a long convention day without blisters.