Clara Oswald Wig Recommendations

Unless your superpower is to change your hair length at will, you will probably start looking for a nice Clara-style wig at some point during your cosplay endeavours. Because I love Clara’s S9 haircut and my hair colour is similar to Clara’s, I usually wear a shoulder-length bob that goes very well with Clara’s S9 wardrobe. However, that always means that to convincingly cosplay S7 and S8 Clara, I need wigs. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple wigs from different places – all of them very affordable – so I can now give you a few recommendations that will go very well with your Clara wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Because I didn’t have an extensive budget for wigs, I started to look for the cheapest option available that would give me a believable Clara look. I don’t (yet) own any lace-front wigs even though I’ve heard good things about them, but while I was still on a tight budget during my apprenticeship years, I couldn’t really splurge on the more expensive wigs. I got all of mine from either Amazon or Wish. While Amazon is famous for its fast shipping, Wish usually takes a while longer, but I’ve rarely waited for anything more than a month and I have to say that Wish offers the exact same wigs but at a lower price. So if you’re not pressed for time, try Wish or Joom when looking for a cheap wig. Quality-wise, I haven’t been disappointed with Wish AT ALL. Sure, I don’t expect to see the same quality as on a £100 wig, but for my cosplay purposes, the Wish wigs were more than enough. So, let’s take a closer look at the models that I bought

Season 7

Clara Oswald Cosplay Bells of Saint John Wig

My S7 Clara Oswald wig

This photo shows my main wig for S7 Clara Oswald. It can be found on Amazon for €14.70 or on Wish for €6. I bought this wig rather late in my cosplay “career” as Clara Oswald, but I don’t regret it one bit. €6 is an amazing price for a wig that is so comfortable and so nice to wear that, at the same time, looks as gorgeous as it does. If you’re using a flash for your photos, the wig will be a little too shiny to be convincing as real hair, but in a regular photo with subdued brightness, it looks amazing. What I love most about it is how it just flows so beautifully between straight and curly (as Clara’s hair curls towards the ends in S7). It can also be worn in a ponytail for Nightmare in Silver without being too heavy (many wigs tend to get “pulled back” when you put them in a ponytail). Overall, this wig was a great investment for my cosplay collection and I can honestly recommend it as a cheap wig if you want to avoid spending a lot of money.

Clara Oswald Cosplay Robot of Sherwood Wig

My Oswin, Barmaid and Robot of Sherwood wig

I initially bought this wig to go with my Oswin, Barmaid Clara Oswin Oswald and Robot of Sherwood Clara on Amazon for €17.99. I have to say that this one is by far my most disappointing wig. Although it was very comfortable to wear, it tangled very, very quickly and I soon could no longer get a comb through at all. I attended a con with it once and the wind really did it in, so unless you’re looking for a quick one-time wig, this is not one I can really recommend. It looks good, but the joy doesn’t last for very long, I’m afraid.

My second Barmaid Clara and Oswin wig

My second Barmaid Clara and Oswin wig

As a replacement for the tangled Barmaid Clara wig, I got this one on Wish for €6 in Dark Brown. It’s not as voluminous as the other one was, but that makes it easier to work into an updo. It does tangle in wind and after use, so brushing it is mandatory after every wear, but it’s not nearly as bad as the old one. When wigs tangle easily, I usually braid them and store them in the hairnet and plastic ziplock bag they came in to prevent them from getting all messed up in storage. I finally managed to take some cosplay photos with it and I have to say that I’m still very, very happy with it. The colour is nice, it’s not too voluminous and thanks to a few baby hairs, it looks quite natural around the roots. It’s not as curly as Barmaid Clara’s hair, but I can live with that if it means I don’t have to bin it because of the tangling in a few months.

Season 8

My Clara Oswald Flatline Cosplay with a S8 wig

My regular S8 wig for Clara Oswald

The first wig I ever bought for my Clara Oswald cosplay was this brown wig that I had found on Amazon for €26.50. The fringe looked very suitable for S8 Clara and the colour was right, so I took the chance and bought it. It’s also available on eBay for roughly the same price. I like the style and colour of it very, very much and in reality, it’s a lot less curly than in the picture which makes it actually perfect for early S8 Clara. The fringe can be adjusted and worn like she does in Into The Dalek or swept aside for a The Caretaker look. Even though it’s the most expensive wig I own, I still think it’s good value for your money. Even after several years, the wig still looks nice and hasn’t dulled or tangled – but it wasn’t as shiny as other wigs in the first place. It also doesn’t shed very much even though I comb it before and after use. One downside to this wig is that it itches quite a lot. It’s fine for an hour of cosplay photos, but I’ve gone insane wearing this at a convention for a whole day and usually took it off before the day was over. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with it as I mostly use it for photos and for that purpose, it’s the best S8 Clara Oswald wig that I’ve been able to find.

My Clara Oswald Kill The Moon cosplay

My Clara Oswald Kill The Moon cosplay

Because Clara has grown out her fringe by the end of S8, I was looking for a second wig to properly cosplay her late S8 looks. And that brings me to my latest addition in my Clara Oswald wig collection: This gem that sells on Amazon for €21.88. You can also find this one on Wish for €10. As usually, Wish delivery takes a bit longer and you pay more for shipping, but it still comes out cheaper in the end for the exact same product. I’ve only had the chance to wear this one for a brief cosplay session, but I’m definitely not unhappy with it. It’s shinier than my other S8 Clara Oswald wig, but it doesn’t look unnatural. What I like about this one is that the roots are very well done, better than most cheap wigs. It looks absolutely gorgeous in photographs. However, the downside of this one is that it’s a little too big for my head. Even though it can be adjusted in width, the entire net is a little too big for me and to fully wear it, I have to pull it over my ears. That is probably going to be inconvenient for conventions, but for the occasional cosplay photo, it’s an excellent and affordable wig.

Season 9

Since I keep my natural hair around Clara’s S9 length, I never considered buying an additional wig. However, a friend of mine bought a decent S7 wig twice and cut it to the appropriate length and I suppose that can work for any S7 style wig you buy.