Clara Oswald’s F-Troupe Wedges were featured in Hide and Nightmare In Silver

Item: F-Troupe Nubuck Wedges
Appearance: Hide, Nightmare in Silver

Original Retail Price: unknown

Unless you’re colourblind, you will have noticed that my shoes are red and not black like the ones Clara wears in the two episodes. Well, that is down to one simple reason: I love the red ones too much to dye them.

The F-Troupe wedges come in several colours: black, navy, rusty red & beige. Clara wears the black ones in Hide and Nightmare In Silver. I know of at least one cosplayer who had her red shoes dyed by a shoemaker and after seeing photos of them in her Depop listing, I can safely say that it turned out really well. When they’re worn you really can’t see that they’ve been dyed a different colour. There is shoe dye for suede available on eBay that you can use if you don’t want to spend the money on having it done by a professional, but since I really like my shoes in red, I will leave them that way and rely on Photoshop to do the rest until I can find a second pair one day. Note: Clara’s SA shoes don’t have the scalloping like the alts in different colours.

The SA black shoes are really rare and I believe I’ve only ever seen one or two being sold ever since I started cosplaying in May 2016. The other colours are a lot more common and can occasionally be found on Depop and eBay. I really wouldn’t mind a second pair because they’re one of Clara’s more comfortable shoes and the soles are really quiet (practical if you like to sneak up on people). So apart from being insanely cute, they’re also really nice to wear which isn’t often the case with Clara’s shoes. The details on them are really lovely, too.

As for the sizing, I do believe they run a tad big. I’m a UK4.5 and I usually wear a UK5 in Clara shoes, so naturally, I went to buy a UK5 in these as well but found that they are quite big on me. If I do buy a second pair one day, I will definitely go for a small size, so if you’re a half size like me, don’t be afraid to size down. Otherwise, you’ll probably need inlays to make them fit properly, but I would definitely not advise going up a full size.

Clara Oswald's F-Troupe Wedges (alt colour) are featured in Hide and Nightmare in Silver

Clara Oswald’s F-Troupe Wedges (alt colour) are featured in Hide and Nightmare in Silver