Zara Poplin Knot Top worn by Jenna Coleman at Dallas Fan Expo and out and about

Jenna Item: Zara Poplin Knot Top
Worn at: Dallas Fan Expo, Out and about

Original Retail Price: £25
Materials: 67% cotton, 28% polyamide, 5% elastane

Here comes the review of my favourite Jenna item and possibly also one of my all-time favourite clothing items in my entire wardrobe: The Zara Poplin Knot Top.

When I saw the top on Jenna, I knew I had to have it. Okay, that happens quite often and in most cases, the items are actually much too expensive for my purse, but in this case, the top was still available on the Zara website for just £25. I ordered it faster than you can say Zara Poplin Knot Top. However, the top still occasionally pops up on Depop and I’m sure it shows up on eBay and Vinted as well, but Zara makes A LOT of clothes, so it might take a while for you to find what you’re looking for (if you’re looking for it – which you should cause the top is great).

Zara clothes are generally quite large, so it’s advisable to buy your size or the next size down. I got the XS, which is the smallest size available and it’s as loose as it looks on Jenna. It can be adjusted a bit by tying the knot either more loosely or tighter.

The fabric is amazingly light and ideal for the hottest days of the year. If it’s a little cooler, I like to combine this top with the Pins & Needles blazer. I have really worn this A LOT so far and it’s my favourite summer top because of its cool and unique look and amazing fabric. The fabric, by the way, is 67% cotton, 28% polyamide and 5% elastane. Thank you, Cass, for looking it up for me because I cut the label out of my own top (it was huge!). I know Zara clothes have a certain kind of look that you either love or hate, but I’m a big fan and this has probably been one of my best purchases when it comes to clothes over the last few years. I just love it to bits and the buttons on the back are really cool.

There is, however, a little downside to this. It wrinkles terribly after a wash and if you don’t own an iron or a steamer, this really isn’t the top for you. It needs to be ironed or steamed to keep the knot edges from folding into themselves. However, I recently got a new washing machine with this option called “wrinkle protection” and it works like a charm on this top. You just have to smooth it out before putting it on the hangar. For everything else, I absolutely recommend buying a steamer. Not only is this faster and less complicated than your regular iron, it also requires less space protects your precious cosplay item from accidentally applying too much heat.

Jenna Coleman's Zara Poplin Knot Top as worn for a convention

Jenna Coleman’s Zara Poplin Knot Top as worn for a convention

Jenna's Zara Poplin Knot Top with the knot tied at the front

Jenna’s Zara Poplin Knot Top with the knot tied at the front

A close-up of the pattern

A close-up of the pattern

Back view of the Zara Poplin Knot Top with buttons

Back view of the Zara Poplin Knot Top with buttons