Jenna Coleman’s ASOS Glitter Jumper was worn during Stylist Magazine photoshoot

Jenna Item: ASOS Metallic Rib Glitter Jumper
Worn At: Stylist Magazine Photoshoot
Combined With: J.Crew Suede Fringe Skirt

Original Retail Price: £30
Materials: 89% acrylic, 6% metallised fibre, 5% polyamide

I’ve been low-key searching for Jenna’s wardrobe from this photoshoot because it contains a lot of gorgeous items that are just exactly my style, but it’s quite hard to find them (probably because a lot of people saw the article in the magazine, loved the items, bought them and are now holding on to them). But I happened to come across this cute jumper for £8 on Depop and simply couldn’t resist. I can’t really tell you much about the average price range because I haven’t seen any others around, but I don’t think the original retail price on this was very high to begin with, so I wouldn’t spend a fortune on it. Anything between £5 and £20 sounds good in my ears, depending on whether it has seen a lot of wear or not.

The jumper fits true to size and is stretchy, so it’s very comfortable to wear. However, if you’re sensitive and find a lot of clothes itchy, this might not be the right jumper for you. I usually am, but in this case, I don’t mind the glittery threads. The jumper is made from 89% acrylic, 6% metallised fibre and 5% polyamide and I’m guessing it’s the metallised fibre that some people may have issues with. Due to that, the jumper isn’t exactly soft, but I guess that’s a matter of personal taste and sensitivity.

If you’re not looking to buy the whole outfit, this jumper can also be combined with a pair of jeans or (like I often do) a pair of high waist culotte trousers. It also has a very Christmassy look to it that makes it perfect for the festive season.

If you’re determined to find this one, I suggest searching Depop and eBay mainly. It should pop up there sooner or later, especially when someone decides to dissolve their Clara/Jenna collection as can happen from time to time.

Jenna Coleman's ASOS Glitter Jumper worn for Stylist Magazine

Jenna Coleman’s ASOS Glitter Jumper worn for Stylist Magazine

Jenna's ASOS Glitter jumper - details

Jenna’s ASOS Glitter jumper – details