Clara Oswald's House of Harlow Arrowhead Earrings worn in Cold War and Listen

Clara Oswald’s House of Harlow Arrowhead Earrings worn in Cold War and Listen

Item: House of Harlow 1960 Gold & Blackened Arrowhead Earrings
Appearance: Cold War, Listen

House of Harlow 1960 Gold & Blackened Arrowhead Earrings – original product photo

First of all, I don’t own the SA House of Harlow earrings. I’ve seen rings and necklaces and even alt dangly earrings of these online, but the SA studs have so far been very elusive. I don’t know of any cosplayer who owns them although there might be one or two who just aren’t that active in sharing what they own. House of Harlow is a rather expensive brand, so even the second-hand jewellery I’ve seen still cost quite a lot for something small and shiny.

But I like crafting things as you can probably tell by my collection of custom-made Clara dresses, so I decided to experiment a little in making my own Clara jewellery. I ordered some plain studs and butterfly stoppers on eBay for £2 (50 pieces), so I have more than enough room to experiment a little more. To shape the earring itself, I used something called SuperSculpey and it’s something I already had at home because I like making my own Funko Pops. If you search for it on eBay, you’ll definitely find it. It is a sort of clay-like material which is quite light and not too bad a material for earrings. It softens by kneading and is then baked in the oven for a while. How long and at what temperature depends on what you’re making and how thick it is. I baked my earrings at 100 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. Once the SuperSculpey has cooled off, it hardens.

The House of Harlow Arrowhead earrings are a rounded, long triangle shape with a black core. For the gold part, I used the same antique gold spray paint that I already used on my Eagle necklace. Once it had dried, I painted it black with nail polish, but you can probably get a more precise shape with a brush and acrylic paint. If you use acrylic paint, I’d recommend another coat of clear spray paint to give it a nice, glossy finish. When the nail polish had dried, I glued the earring stud on the back using a tiny bit of superglue.

Voila – my custom made alt House of Harlow earrings which saved me a lot of money. Not counting the time they spent in the oven and drying, they took me about 20 minutes.

Alt House of Harlow Arrowhead Earrings made with SuperSculpey and nail polish