Clara Oswald’s Topshop Hexagon Earrings were featured throughout S7 and come in different colours

Item: Topshop Hexagon Earring Pack
Appearance: Bells of Saint John, Rings of Akhaten, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, Name of the Doctor

A slightly different shade of the Topshop Hexagon Earrings Clara Oswald wears

The product photo I dug up is not of the earrings Clara wears on the show. Hers are a little more saturated, a brighter red, a deeper green, a brighter orange, but I couldn’t find an HQ photo of them and these are the exact same style. I spotted them online once, but the SA haven’t come my way yet, so I decided to make my own. If you want to know how it’s done and what materials I use, see my post about the House of Harlow earrings. Again, I’m only learning how to make such a small thing as an earring, so I left out the details at my first attempt. I will certainly try again, but here is a picture of the first result:

Topshop Hexagon Earrings with a red dot. Worn in BoSJ, The Crimson Horror & Nightmare in Silver

Apart from the ones with the red dot, Clara also wore the green dot and the solid green ones.