Clara Oswald’s Robot of Sherwood outfit featuring a custom-made medieval dress, the Kurt Geiger Selina shoes, Topshop Embossed Section headband, Topshop Mixed Finger Midi Rings and Topshop Mixed Stud Outlaw Wing Earrings.

Item: Topshop Embossed Section Headband & Earrings
Appearance: Robot of Sherwood
Combined with: Custom Made Medieval Dress, Kurt Geiger Selina Shoes, Topshop Mixed Finger Midi Rings, Topshop Mixed Stud Outlaw Wing Earrings.

Original Retail Price: unknown

The headband was actually what finally made me get started on the RoS dress in the first place. I found it on Depop and when it arrived, I had no other choice but to finally get off my butt and make the dress.

After wearing it for photos a couple of times, I think that the costume department glued the headband to Jenna’s forehead because no matter what I do, I can’t get it to look exactly like it does on her. The silver chains slightly hang down over her forehead, so I don’t really know how else the middle bit would stay up the way it does. Here an example photo of me:

Topshop Headband in Robot of Sherwood worn by me

It’s not exactly a comfortable piece of jewellery, so I’m not entirely sure why anyone would wear this outside of cosplay, but it looks great and definitely completes the RoS outfit.

I haven’t seen so many of these pieces around Depop except for the one I bought and another one after that, but I’ve seen at least one other on eBay and I think that if you search for a bit, you will stumble across one after a while. I wasn’t actively searching for it and bought it on a whim, so I don’t know how often it shows up on the various platforms.

I paid roughly £18 for mine and the one I’ve seen on eBay was a tad more expensive, but since I don’t really know what this one sold for at Topshop, it’s hard to pin down an exact price range. I think with this it depends on how badly you want it, if the price is acceptable to you personally and if the seller might be willing to negotiate.

As for the earrings, I believe that every jewellery make made a pair of earrings just like these at some point. My earrings aren’t the SA Topshop ones, but I wasn’t really fussed about accuracy with the earrings because I wouldn’t be able to wear them anyway as they’re too heavy for me. If you look closely at the cosplay photos I posted on my Instagram account, you will see that I just stuck them through my hoop earrings for the duration of the photo XD

Since they’ve basically been made by Topshop, Bijou Brigitte, Accessorize and all the other jewellery shops, they can be found for as little as 50 pence. I even saw some listing in which people were giving them away for free if the buyer paid for the postage. If you search for “wing earrings” on any platform, you will find a variety of these to choose from. I might go back to look for some lighter ones at some point, but any of these will work for your RoS cosplay.

Topshop Headband and Wing Earrings

A close-up of the wing earrings