Clara Oswald’s Topshop Initial Charm Bangle was worn in Listen

Item: Topshop Initial Charm Bangle (Freedom Line) (alt)
Appearance: Listen
Combined with: Alice McCall Sea Rose Dress, Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Double-Breasted Blazer, Kurt Geiger Gossip Heels, Topshop Cut Out Diamond Ring, Topshop Hollow Circle Ring, Reiss Marissa Green Skull Embellished Brooch, House of Harlow 1960 Gold & Blackened Arrowhead Earrings, Coast Clutch.

Original Retail Price SA: unknown
Original Retail Price alt: free on Wish, £2 for shipping

Here comes one of my alt posts and it’s going to a be a rather short one. Still, I think this is something worth mentioning and the option I went for might appeal to other cosplayers as well not just for this particular item for other things as well.

I don’t own the SA Topshop bangle (because I haven’t found it yet), but I quite like the style and it’s definitely something I wear in everyday life, so I went to look for alternatives. For a long time, without results. However, one of my colleagues mentioned this app/website called Wish to me and I decided to check it out.

For those of you who don’t know what Wish is, prepare to be amazed. Basically, it’s a shopping app/website where you can find a lot of cool things for very little money and sometimes even for free (only pay shipping). Most of the time, the items come from China and they take a couple of weeks to arrive, but you can’t beat the prices. I paid like £1 for my charms bangle and I ordered some other jewellery for the same amount or for free (again, you have to pay for shipping which is usually £2). So far, everything I ordered was the quality that was pictured and I’m very happy with my alt bangle and the alt horseshoe necklace I ordered from there to go with the DotD cosplay. You might even find some non-cosplay-related items on there that you’ll like, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

I’m very happy with my Initial Charm Bangle and I’m glad both mine and Clara’s name start with a C 😀

Clara Oswald’s Topshop Initial Charm Bangle (Freedom Line) (Alt from Wish)