Clara Oswald’s The Kooples suit from Time Heist

Item: The Kooples Velvet Collar Purple Suit Jacket, The Kooples Velvet Motif Trousers & Boyfriend Shirt with Floppy Bow (alt)
Appearance: Time Heist
Combined with: Topshop Spinning Ball Ring, Kurt Geiger Glance Heels, un-IDed wedges.

Original Retail Price: unknown
Materials: unknown

One of the most expensive brands Clara wears on the show is The Kooples and this outfit is from that specific brand. I know some cosplayers who own the actual shirt and blazer and they look magnificent, but I always thought that I didn’t like this outfit enough to justify the purchase (I’ve seen the blazer in my size and it was £140). Maybe one of the reasons this outfit never really grew on me is that, in my opinion, it somehow falls out of the rest of the S8 outfits. Clara is a dress person, she mostly wears skirts and dresses. A suit, no matter how awesome it looks on her, just doesn’t seem like something Clara would wear on a romantic date.

If you’re looking for this outfit despite the price, I would recommend using Vide Dressing and Vestiaire Collective because those websites are specialised in the more expensive brands, but they might also pop up on eBay or Depop if a cosplayer is selling her collection.

What you see on my dress form is 100% alts and all of them are from H&M. The entire thing cost me roughly £30, but you can get away with a lot less if you buy from your second-hand websites. I bought the blouse in an H&M shop years ago because I was in need of a white blouse (it was the most expensive of all these items because it was new) and the rest of the outfit came from Vinted and cost me £10 including postage. So if you’re looking to replicate this outfit without spending a lot of money, I’d suggest looking for H&M items on various websites. The H&M blouse even came with the bow. They’ll be affordable and close enough to be recognised by fellow cosplayers.

And now I’m gonna go and annoy some fellow cosplayers to write a review of the actual thing for you guys 🙂

My alt Kooples Suit from Time Heist

My alt Kooples Suit from Time Heist