Clara Oswald’s &Other Stories Jagged Belt as seen during a promotional photoshoot, in The Caretaker and Dark Water

Item: &Other Stories Jagged Belt
Appearance: The Caretaker, Dark Water, S8 Promotional Photoshoot
Combined with: Topshop Pipe Tile Dress, Dune Amoy Block Heel Lace Up Brogues

Original Retail Price: £19
Materials: 100% calf leather

Oh, look at this nerd who bought the SA belt. Well, normally I wouldn’t have, but I saw it on Vinted and thought “why not?”

The belt is a really gorgeous one though and it goes well with the dress (I also like combining it with other Clara items as a substitute for un-IDed belts). The original retail price of the belt was roughly £19 and the colour of Clara’s belt is called “yellow reddish dark”. It was also available in black and pink and I know of at least one person who dyed the pink one a more SA colour. I’ve seen a couple of these belts so far and they sold for £5 – £15. The ones sold by cosplayers went up to £50. The belt is made out of 100% calf leather, which I’m personally not a big fan of, so that is a thing to be aware of when you plan on buying it.

Another thing is the sizing. My belt is a size S and I had to put 4 additionals holes in it because it was just too large on my waist (to be fair, I do that with most of my belts that are supposed to fit on the waist). However, with the right tools, that can be easily accomplished and shouldn’t hold you back from buying this belt if you spot it for a fair price.

If you can’t find the SA belt but want to recreate the look, I would suggest buying a regular brown belt of roughly the same width and cutting the edge by yourself. With a strong pair of scissors, it’s definitely doable.

Clara Oswald's &Other Stories Jagged Belt (tan) as seen in the promotional shoot, The Caretaker and Darl Water

Clara Oswald’s &Other Stories Jagged Belt (tan) as seen in the promotional shoot, The Caretaker and Darl Water