Clara Oswald's Custom Made Spacesuit as seen in Kill The Moon and The Girl Who Died

Clara Oswald’s Custom Made Spacesuit as seen in Kill The Moon and The Girl Who Died

Item: Custom Made Spacesuit
Appearance: Kill The Moon, The Girl Who Died

Oops, look at the nerd who made her own spacesuit 😀

First of all, my goal was once again to make this as cheap as possible and if the moon and a big paycheck strike me, I might make a better version. There is a cosplayer on Instagram (phoebe96) who made a super amazing spacesuit that looks just like the SA one, but she studies something like costume design at uni, so my suit really can’t compete. It was mainly meant as a fun bit like my Last Christmas outfit, so I didn’t want to spend so much time and money on it (cause honestly, when am I really gonna wear it?) Here’s the breakdown:

Working time: 2-3 hours
Material costs: £20

What I did was basically to order one of those orange onesies people wear while painting or for other dirty work and you can find them for as little as £3 on the internet. The rest is made out of belt straps and a number of clips that I sewed together/onto the onesie. I think the hardest part of it all was to put the thing on the dress form after I was done 😀

So if you’re looking for a cheap Whovian Halloween costume, here it is. If you’re planning on making a better, more SA one, go and ask phoebe96 on Instagram because she is lovely and knows her way around the sewing machine!

In April 2018, the DW Magazine had a guide on how to make your own DW spacesuit and I will definitely try that out sometime when I’ve got a bit of time and money left over. A friend from the UK (magicofvenice on Twitter and Instagram) was nice enough to send me scans of the article which I will include in this blog post for you:

Doctor Who Magazine: A guide on making your own spacesuit

My own creation

My own creation