Clara Oswald’s Kill The Moon outfit featuring the ASOS Floral Dress and an un-IDed grey coat

Item: ASOS Floral Dress
Appearance: Kill The Moon
Combined with: Dune Bertie Astor Black Lace Up Wingtip Block Heels, un-IDed belt, un-IDed grey coat.

Original Retail Price: unknown
Materials: 100% polyester

I came by this item pretty late in my Clara collection because I only received it in May 2017. I was quite reluctant to buy it because it’s a rare item that is usually quite expensive and it wasn’t even visible for most of the episode, but my collector fingers started tingling at some point and here we are.

The dress is a lot more gorgeous in real life than it appears on screen. The fabric is super soft and light (100% polyester), so it’s a perfect spring or autumn dress if combined with tights. The flower print may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly fits well into Clara’s wardrobe and that of every cosplayer who loves her style.

If it’s your intention to go for the dress, you should know that it runs BIG and when I say big, I mean extremely, super, tent-like big. As a normal UK6-8 in dresses, I bought a size UK4 and it looks massive on me. I could easily go down another size or two and it would still fit. But since it’s worn with a belt, there is some leeway and if you go for your regular size, you can still make it work. Just sizing up is something I wouldn’t recommend here. There is a hidden button-facing in the front and the length is surprisingly decent compared to other Clara items.

As I’ve mentioned before, this dress is quite rare. I personally haven’t seen it on eBay or Vinted, but only on Depop and the DW Cosplay Sales community on LJ (which is where I got mine from). That doesn’t mean that it never pops up on eBay, but the problem is that ASOS made a lot of clothes and you will spend a long time searching for this particular one before it pops up. I took the easy route and bought it on LJ, but buying from a cosplayer often means spending a bit more. From what I’ve seen on Depop, you can expect a price of £80 – £200 if you’re looking for this dress, so it might be cheaper to stalk the ASOS search on eBay.

Even though this dress isn’t one of Clara’s most recognizable outfits, it’s still a really pretty one that you probably won’t regret buying. I certainly love mine because it’s very soft and comfortable to wear and very suitable for a low-key cosplay for the office.

If you’re also into collecting Jenna’s clothes, her Maison Scotch coat that she wore during a photo shoot always serves me well as an alt for Clara’s un-IDed grey coat. Clara’s &Other Stories Jagged Belt can also be worn with this dress as a substitute for the un-IDed one.

Clara Oswald's ASOS Floral Dress as seen in Kill the Moon

Clara Oswald’s ASOS Floral Dress as seen in Kill the Moon

The ASOS Floral Dress is very loose-fitting without a belt

The ASOS Floral Dress is very loose-fitting without a belt

A closer look at the floral pattern of the ASOS Floral Dress

A closer look at the floral pattern of the ASOS Floral Dress