Clara Oswald’s Leluxe The Vamp Copper Dress / Deco House Starlet Dress

Item: Leluxe The Vamp Copper Dress / The Deco Haus: 1920’s Flapper Carwash Hem Beaded Party Dress – The Starlet
Appearance: Mummy on the Orient Express
Combined With: Clarks Chorus Thrill Shoes in black, un-ID’d bracelet, gloves and hairpin

Original Retail Price: $380
Materials: unknown

I’m still over £300 away from owning the amazing flapper dress Clara wears in MOTOE, but I still have a few words to say about the dress. It was IDed as the Leluxe ‘The Vamp’ Copper Dress, but The Deco House offered the exact same dress at that time, so whichever you buy, you will still get the exact same dress. The Leluxe dress is still available here. The Deco House dress can be found here, but it’s sold out in all sizes.

Fellow cosplayer and generally amazing person JediJanine (on Instagram and Tumblr) helped me out here and wrote an amazing post describing the dress in detail. Go and check out her awesome Instagram account once you’re at it 😉 Here comes the quoted blog post about the dress.

As stated by the Deco Haus website: “This gown was featured on Jenna Coleman in the “Mummy on the Orient Express” episode for the BBC hit series “Dr. Who”.“

This piece is definitely the most expensive and fancy piece that I have from Clara’s wardrobe. But it really is worth saving up for. I attend at least one 1920’s ball during the year, so that definitely helped justify the purchase. And it is nice to be able to take it out and use it for what it was meant to do, dance.

This dress really is beautiful. The intricate beadwork is stunning and really adds up to a “dense” dress. It weighs about 3 pounds I would say. Since it’s so heavy, I make sure to store it in a bag in a box so that the underlying fabric doesn’t stretch out permanently.

All those beads give it a great swish. But you do have to be careful and avoid giving it a harsh twirl. Right out of the box, a few of the copper beads here and there would fall off, so just be aware that that might happen. I made sure to save them in a bag in case I need to reattach them some day. Since there are so many beads, it would be hard to even find where they fell off in the first place. When I visited the DWE in the spring, I spoke to the lovely Jamie Hill (he played the Foretold) who told us they had the same experience on set with the dress. He said firstly that Jenna had a great time twirling around in the dress. And that when they filmed the scene where Clara passes out on the floor, they would cut, and the costume people would rush around and try and collect all the beads that had fallen off around Jenna.

I purchased a size Small, going mainly by the bust measurement on the site. This fit perfectly. It has quite a bit of stretch in the material, so keep that in mind when picking a size. The material is a sheer material, so be prepared to make a slip to go underneath. None of the ones on the site fit the dress shape. The site states that: “Jenna’s version was lined in black by the Dr. Who Costume Department.” I made a first version of this slip out of a non-stretchy satin fabric. This wasn’t the right thing to do since you need a material that will stretch (perhaps a lycra) just like the dress. Otherwise when tracing the pattern straight from the dress, it fits very tightly and is difficult to get on. The actual slip looks very nicely made, and seems multilayered (as if it is lined).

Here is a close-up shot, from the DWE, of the lining under the armpit:

At first I debated whether the slip went under the “flaps” at the bottom, but upon further examination, I don’t believe that is the case. The slip seems to end at the top of the flap slits. You can see in the below photo that the flaps are see through without a slip.

Upon very close examination of the beading between the screen used one and the one available for purchase, there is a slight difference in the beading pattern on the shoulders, center section, and at the top of the flaps. Assumedly the costume department purchased the XS size, which might account for some of this. Or perhaps there was an earlier version of this dress with slightly different beading.

With regards to rarity, this dress is still available as of November 2017 at the following url:

I think the chances of finding the SA on a used site is slim to none, and I can’t say I actually know any other Clara cosplayers who have this item and therefore the market for trading within the community is null. That being said, there are some good ALT’s out there that give you the general feel of the outfit. Just look for flapper or 1920’s swing dress in black and copper colors and you’ll probably find something you like.

You can find the entire blog post on her blog here.

I don’t own the SA dress, but a couple of years ago, I bought a flapper dress at H&M for a theme party which I’ve used as an alt so far. Like JediJanine said, not many Clara cosplayers actually own this dress and no one is going to blame you for not wanting to spend that amount of money, so you will be fine with any similar flapper dress that can be found on eBay, Wish and other places. Here is a photo of mine:

My alt dress for Mummy on the Orient Express and Clarks Chorus Thrill Shoes

My alt dress for Mummy on the Orient Express and Clarks Chorus Thrill Shoes