All the little details about Clara’s flat

Here comes a blog post that, for once, has nothing to do with Clara’s clothes but everything with Clara’s flat. I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now because I thought that it is kind of related to Clara cosplay. I often use my own flat as background for my cosplay photos and I try to get the angle so it looks at least a little bit as if it was Clara’s apartment even though they don’t really look alike. Interested? Then read on. . .

The basic layout of Clara’s flat

This is a rough outline of Clara’s flat and how the rooms are divided in all the episodes (apart from DiH, about which I’m going to say a few words later). I’ve watched all the scenes from S8 and 9 to determine how the rooms align and it was a bit difficult because of continuity errors on the show, but from the majority of episodes, that’s what Clara’s flat looks like. Here are the episodes in which we see the various rooms in her flat:

Corridor: Listen, Time Heist, Kill the Moon, Death in Heaven, The Zygon Inversion
Living Room: Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, ITFOTN, Dark Water, The Zygon Inversion
Bedroom: Listen, Time Heist, The Zygon Inversion
Bathroom: The Zygon Inversion
Kitchen: Listen, Time Heist, Kill the Moon, Dark Water, The Zygon Inversion

Let’s go through Clara’s apartment room by room!

The Corridor

First glimpse at Clara’s flat: Listen

We first see Clara’s Flat in Listen and it starts with a shot of her front door. When she comes home from her failed date with Danny, we see the plain white door with a door chain and the dark wood panels at the end of her corridor. Clara keeps a couple of scarves by the front door and we can glimpse the ticket to a music festival. There’s also a small mirror where she probably likes to check her looks in before she leaves her flat.

Clara’s corridor

Clara’s corridor has a red carpet and at the end, you can see the dark panels which are adorned with a few pictures. In fact, Clara has pictures all over her corridor walls, but you can never see what they’re of. There is also an umbrella stand with several umbrellas and a few items of clothing hanging by the door.
In Listen, Clara is seen coming out of the first door on the right (the kitchen) and entering the second door on the right, which is her bedroom.

You can see the picture frames on the wall more clearly in Time Heist

Kill the Moon also shows Clara entering her flat through the very first door on the left

Screencap from The Zygon Inversion

In The Zygon Inversion, the corridor looks “the wrong way around” because the camera crew filmed from the opposite end (the end where Clara’s entrance is) and she is seen leaving her bedroom and entering the bathroom. You can also spot a door at the other end of the corridor which leads to a room that is never seen. It’s probably just a spot for the camera crew to hide in while filming, but as a door in an ordinary flat, it’s probably a small storage space.

Clara leaves her bedroom and enters the bathroom in TZI

Now, let’s talk about a little continuity error that the makers of Doctor Who made in S8. From all the episodes apart from Death in Heaven, you can piece together Clara’s flat layout. It’s always the same. Except for that moment in DiH where she leaves the bedroom and enters the corridor through her front door:

That’s the spot where she usually enters her flat, but here, she is supposed to come out of her bedroom

Her bedroom door, however, is closed.

In the back, you can see the same arrangement which is always by Clara’s apartment door with the pictures and scarves by the front door

The Bathroom

Clara’s bathroom in The Zygon Inversion

Clara’s bathroom is located across the hall from the kitchen (as you can see in the background of the screenshot) and it’s only briefly seen during The Zygon Inversion. We don’t really see much from the room itself apart from a very clean sink, her mirror and the gorgeous blue wall colour. She’s got a white cabinet in the corner and a couple of bathroom utensils that you would probably find in any bathroom. There’s also a bit of decor in the shape of flowers and candles.

The Kitchen

Clara’s kitchen as seen in Time Heist

Time Heist and Dark Water are the two episodes in which you can see the contents of Clara’s kitchen a little more clearly, even though Listen and Kill the Moon also show it for a brief moment. Like her bathroom, her kitchen is mostly blue and has kind of old-fashioned tiles on the walls. In the kitchen, you find all the utensils normally found in a kitchen like a microwave and washing machine (unless you’re from Germany, then your washing machine would most likely be in the bathroom). She also keeps a few plants on the windowsill.

Something I find quite interesting is the goldfish Clara keeps. Somehow, she doesn’t actually strike me as a pet person with all of her time travelling and the fish is never mentioned on the show or in the comics and audio stories as far as I know, so it’s a funny little thing to find in Clara’s kitchen in my opinion. It is most clearly seen in Time Heist, but the bowl also pops up in Dark Water and sits on top of Clara’s fridge.

The Bedroom

Clara’s bedroom in The Zygon Inversion

Clara’s bedroom pops up in Listen, Time Heist and The Zygon Inversion and, like the rest of her flat, looks somewhere between romantic and old-fashioned, especially the bed. It has a padded headboard which I wouldn’t necessarily call pretty, but I guess it fits into Clara’s flat. You can also see the red painted walls and striped carpet. Her bedsheets are very floral and I don’t know what you think about them, but they kind of hurt my eyes a little. Also note the tower of pillows.

Clara keeps various objects on her bedside tables. One, an alarm clock, is nothing out of the ordinary. In S9, there is a photo of Danny on the right bedside table, a spot previously occupied by a tissue dispenser (why, Clara?) and a ceramic owl. I can’t really make out what the photos on the other side are supposed to be, but I’m guessing they are photos of her mother. The lamp also changed sides from S8 to S9. From her bedroom interior alone, you can already tell that Clara’s decor is really mixed together – from the old-fashioned bed to the ceramic owl to the oriental rug on her wall.

Honestly, the wardrobe looks a little bit too small to fit all of Clara’s clothes, in my opinion. Admit it, Clara! You’re secretly storing things in the TARDIS! In Time Heist and Listen, you can also spot a little dressing table covered with all sorts of bits and bobs. In the background, there is an old-fashioned rocking chair that goes with the old-fashioned bed. I wonder how the TARDIS fit in there?

The Living Room

Time Heist provides us with the first proper shot of Clara’s living room. Notice how the TARDIS is parked right at the centre? I wonder how that fit and what happened to her coffee table.

Another little continuity error is the way Clara’s living room furniture is arranged. Between episodes, it is arranged exactly the other way around when you compare it to the location of the door. Here are three screenshots:

Apart from that, the furniture that is used stays roughly the same even though some bits might move between episodes. But let’s have a look at what Clara keeps in her living room:
It’s mostly what you would normally find in a lounge like a sofa, two shelves, a coffee table, lamp, recliner, etc. There is also a fake fireplace for, I’m guessing, atmosphere. Clara owns some dreadfully coloured curtains and a plant in the corner. The plant has to be a fake one because I can’t see it getting enough sunlight in that dark corner behind her recliner XD

What surprises me a little is the number of books Clara owns. She is an English teacher and I always assume that as such, Clara likes to read a lot, but either she is using a library or she uses the TARDIS library because I own more books than Clara does.

The contents of Clara’s shelf are also an interesting thing to behold. Of course, we find some books, but there are also various bits and bobs like another ceramic owl (she seems to be fond of those), a few small statues and other pieces of decor like vases, lamps and shells.
There is also a picture of Danny that is no longer present in the S9 version of her flat. And a random photo of a horse.

In S9, the contents of her shelf have only changed a little, but a photo of Jenna on holiday was added to the top of the shelf.

Overall, Clara’s flat has a romantic, slightly cluttered, old-fashioned vibe, but it is definitely a very cosy place. In ITFOTN we also see that Clara has a balcony in front of her living room, but she hasn’t decorated it in a special fashion which leads me to believe that she doesn’t use it very often.


Lauren, who has the amazing Amy Pond Cosplay Blog, sent me a couple of photos yesterday that she took at the Doctor Who Exhibition in Australia. They recreated Clara’s bedroom and living room for the exhibit and Lauren got to see Clara’s bedroom. While you’re at it, check out Lauren’s super cool Amy blog 🙂

Here are the lovely, detailed photos that she sent me:

Note the adorable photo of Angie and Artie above her bed