Clara Oswald’s Hobbs NW3 Horseshoe Necklace from Day of the Doctor

Item: Hobbs NW3 Horseshoe Necklace (alt)
Appearance: Day of the Doctor
Combined with: Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket, River Island Ditsy Dress, Topshop Alexy Boots, black tights.

Original Retail Price SA: unknown
Original Retail Price alt: free on Wish, £2 for shipping

This necklace is on the ISO of many cosplayers, but since I’m not that eager to spend a fortune on Clara’s SA jewellery, I chose to buy an alt. The necklace is very rare and I don’t think I’ve actually seen one being sold, but I know that at least one cosplayer has it, so it’s not entirely impossible. Here is the official Hobbs product photo of the necklace.

Like I said, I like to wear jewellery that fits the rest of the Clara outfit, but instead of searching for the SA necklace, I decided to buy an alt – which cost me £2 for shipping. The necklace itself was free. I got it from Wish, but I know this exact necklace is also available on eBay for a bit more money. Now, this is basically a toy and not nearly as good when it comes to quality as the SA necklace, but I think it looks quite cute and will definitely do for cosplay photos. If you’re interested in the necklace, just search for “lucky horseshoe necklace” on Wish or eBay and you will find something.

Clara Oswald's Hobbs NW3 Horseshoe necklace - an alt is pictured here

Clara Oswald’s Hobbs NW3 Horseshoe necklace – an alt is pictured here

Close-up of the horseshoe