Clara Oswald’s The Girl Who Died outfit featuring the Maje Chianti Denim Shirt, a custom made Viking vest, H by Hudson Keira Boots and black jeans

Item: H by Hudson Keira Boots
Appearance: The Girl Who Died
Combined With: Custom Made Viking Vest, Maje Chianti Denim Shirt, Black Jeans, stud earrings, helix stud, un-IDed bracelet

Original Retail Price: around £150

First of all, I couldn’t find a proper scene in which the shoes are actually visible on Clara, so I had to steal a set photo from the Daily Mail. Also, the shoes I own are the SA shoes in a lighter colour, but because the make and fit are the same, I’ll review them anyway. Here’s a photo of the actual colour:

H by Hudson Keira Boots worn by Clara Oswald in TGWD

The H by Hudson Keira boots aren’t exactly easy to find, but with a bit of searching, they’ll pop up at some point. I saw them on eBay and Depop so far. Again, if they’re being sold by a cosplayer, they will probably be a bit more expensive, but if not, you might get them for around £40-60. The original retail price was around £150, I think, so if they’re in good shape, they might still be a tad more expensive. I was lucky and found my alt colour pair for only £5 (and paid a ton of shipping fees because they came from Malta), but my pair has already seen some wear and has a couple of faults which I don’t really mind because I don’t really wear them outside of cosplay. They still do very well for conventions and photo shoots.

It’s okay if you can only find the alt colour because dark brown suede dye is available on eBay and other websites, I just haven’t gotten around to dyeing mine a darker shade yet. It will be relatively easy to do because the straps (except for the lowest one) can be taken off, but I’ll probably save that until the next con or photo shoot.

The shoes themselves run quite big. Almost all my Clara shoes are a UK5 and fit me well, so I bought these in a UK5 as well. However, they’re really quite big on me, so if you’re a half size like me, sizing down would be the better idea. Luckily, insoles exist and the straps can be adjusted. They are definitely one of Clara’s comfiest pairs of shoes and will do very well for conventions, not to mention the fact that they belong to a very recognizable and easy to make outfit.

Clara Oswald's H by Hudson Keira Boots (alt colour) as worn in The Girl Who Died

Clara Oswald’s H by Hudson Keira Boots (alt colour) as worn in The Girl Who Died

The H by Hudson Keira Boots - front view

The H by Hudson Keira Boots – front view

The entire TGWD outfit