Clara Oswald’s The Girl Who Died outfit featuring the &Other Stories Grey A-Line Skirt, the &Other Stories Frill Neck Blouse, the GAP Black Merino Jumper, the &Other Stories Monk Strap Boots, &Other Stories Leather Jacket, Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Black Satchel and New Look / River Island Eagle Necklace

Item: New Look / River Island Eagle Necklace
Appearance: The Woman Who Lived
Combined With: &Other Stories Frill Neck Blouse, &Other Stories Grey A-Line Skirt, GAP Merino Jumper in black, &Other Stories Leather Jacket, &Other Stories Monk Strap Boots, Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Satchel in black.

Original Retail Price: unknown

Gosh, this is an extremely &Other Stories heavy outfit. Well, apart from the jumper and accessories. Clara’s eagle necklace has quite a unique look to it, but I need to point out that the SA one is a bronze/gold kind of colour instead of silver. At least that was the impression I got from the original I saw in the DWE because the actual scene is too dark to really tell what Clara is actually wearing.

There is still some debate about where exactly the necklace is from. Some cosplayers believe the correct ID is River Island, but Kezzie was kind enough to let me know her necklace came from New Look. Mine, on the other hand, isn’t SA at all and comes from a little Etsy shop.

I found mine on Etsy for £17 and it came with turquoise stones and three dangling feathers attached where the hoops are on the eagle’s tail. The gold/copper New Look necklace has the dangling feathers as well, but the stones are black originally.

Taking off the feathers was a really easy task and I painted the stones black with black nail polish. I know I could have used the same antique gold spray that I already used to make the other eagle necklace from S7 more screen accurate, but since the actual colour of it isn’t actually visible in the scene, I decided to keep it that way.

If you’re looking for a necklace like this, I would say that eBay and Etsy are the places to go. I searched for “eagle necklace” and “Aztec necklace” and somehow, this one popped up after a while. Even if you can’t find one immediately, I’ve seen this style around multiple times, so I’m sure it will be back at some point. It was also sold on Depop a few times.

A close-up of the Eagle Necklace

Clara Oswald's New Look Eagle Necklace is featured in The Woman Who Lived

Clara Oswald’s New Look Eagle Necklace is featured in The Woman Who Lived


Here comes the SA looking New Look Eagle necklace. Big thanks to Kezzie for sending me the pictures! While Kezzie got her necklace from New Look, the actual “SA” necklace came from River Island (thanks Claracosplayer!), but since they look identical, it doesn’t actually matter which one you get.

Kezzie’s Eagle Necklace came from New Look and looks SA, however, we can’t rule out that River Island didn’t make one.