Clara Oswald’s outfit from The Zygon Invasion / Inversion featuring the Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse, the All Saints Elias Mac and the All Saints Aidan Jules Boots

Item: Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse
Appearance: The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion
Combined With: All Saints Elias Mac, All Saints Aidan Jules Boots, Melissa Joy Manning Mini Hug Hoop Earrings.

Original Retail Price: £165
Materials: 60% triacetate, 40% polyester

Where do I start when it comes to this magnificent blouse? Let’s start with a sigh.

Like many of Clara’s S9 items, this blouse is really rare. Claudie Pierlot is a French brand that isn’t very well known outside of France. I think the whole of Germany only has about 10 shops that sell Claudie Pierlot items (and none of those are in my area). Sadly for us cosplayers, Clara wears several CP items in S9 (dammit!).

I fell in love with this blouse while I was already collecting Clara items and it wasn’t initially on my list, but eventually, it became a bit of an obsession and I started to look through all the sites on a daily basis for months – without luck. I think I saw it being sold by another cosplayer once or twice, but the price tag on those was exorbitant for a student like me. Polyvore lists the blouse with an original retail price of £165, so you can expect it to cost a bit more.

However, I eventually got extremely lucky and found it on the French Vinted site for a really good price. Initially, I scrolled past it because the seller had posted it with a photo of the back of the blouse, but once I was on the next site, I went “wait, the colour was right”. When I went back, I realized it was indeed my beloved Bisous Blouse and the seller was friendly enough to send it to Germany, which isn’t always the case on Vinted FR. If you’re looking for it, keep your eyes wide open because some sellers don’t know how to take pictures. However, that was the only blouse I have seen so far that was sold by a cosplay muggle. If you’re trying to find it, French Vinted, Videdressing and Vestiaire Collective are the places to go, even though you might get lucky on Depop and eBay, too, but here it’s more likely that the seller is another cosplayer and wants a bit more money than the people on Vinted.

As for the blouse itself, I think it runs quite small (or they put Jenna in a larger size, too and that’s why I think that’s how it’s supposed to look like). Claudie Pierlot uses either French or European sizes and in this case, it’s the European size chart they use. I’m usually an EU34/36 or UK6/8 in tops (unless it’s Topshop) but the blouse I bought is an EU40/UK12 and it even though it’s loose, it looks fine on me. In fact, it looks like the blouse looks on Jenna in the episode. I have no doubt I would fit in a smaller size or even two sizes smaller, but I actually like the loose look because I somehow feel like it’s supposed to be like that. The blouse doesn’t necessarily cling to Jenna’s body in the episode either. So at least there’s an upside to this blouse: there’s some leeway with the sizing.

The blouse itself is really lovely and again, I wear this a lot outside of cosplay because it’s so versatile and goes with anything. The fabric is light and soft and feels nice on the skin and I can’t say a bad word about it at all. Except maybe that it’s super rare and probably gave me a grey hair or two to find. It’s. made from 60% triacetate and 40% polyester.

If you’re really desperate and in search of a good alt, I have found one possibility. Zara made a white blouse with a zip that goes all the way down the front, but if you hide it under a coat or mac, that won’t be visible. The round zip pull thingy looks very close and will do for your Bonnie cosplay. It will probably be easier to find and a whole lot cheaper. This is what it looks like under a trenchcoat:

An alt version of the Zygon Invasion / Inversion outfit

I’m displaying the outfit with an alt coat with faux leather sleeves from Pimkie that I found on Vinted a while ago and my Topshop All Mine boots because I’ve heard bad things about the All Saints shoes. Sadly, the All Saints Mac has so far proven to be really elusive. I have seen it in my size only once and it cost almost £200, which is a lot more than I’m willing to spend on a mac that isn’t exactly my style. I’m hoping that one day, the cosplay winds will blow a cheaper one in my direction but until then, have a photo with my Pimkie alt.

Clara Oswald's Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse as seen in The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion

Clara Oswald’s Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse as seen in The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion

A closer look at the Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse

A closer look at the Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse

On the show, the Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse is combined with the All Saints Elias Mac

On the show, the Claudie Pierlot Bisous Blouse is combined with the All Saints Elias Mac