Clara Oswald’s Cold War outfit featuring a probably custom made dress, a Russian Navy Uniform Jacke and the Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels

Item: Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels
Appearance: Cold War
Combined with: Custom Made 50s Vintage Dress, Soviet Navy Uniform Jacket, un-IDed bag, House of Harlow 1960 Gold & Blackened Arrowhead Earrings.

Original Retail Price: unknown

After two and a half years, I can finally call these shoes my own. The Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels were on my list from the very beginning simply because of how special they look. They’re nothing you can wear on an everyday basis or even on a fancy night out, but I just love those sparkly, little things and I had to have them.

The thing about these shoes is that they’re not exactly rare. I have only seen them on Depop a few times, but they show up on eBay quite often. However, the trick here is to find the right size. Over the last two years, I made several attempts at buying them and I was beginning to believe they were my unlucky item. One time, I was outbid on eBay. Another time, I won the (international) auction, only to have the seller send me a message afterwards, informing me that they had changed their mind and wouldn’t ship internationally. The next time, I asked my friend in the UK to buy them for me on eBay, but the seller didn’t get back to her for a week and then told her they had sold them to someone else. At last, thanks to a fellow cosplayer, I got lucky on Facebook Marketplace and they found they way into my mailbox a week later. So even if you don’t get your pair immediately, don’t worry. The shoes will pop up again, I promise! Just keep on looking.

Being a 4 1/2 in shoes, I usually opt for the UK5 in Clara shoes and so far, this has usually been the right decision, save for a very few exceptions. The Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels run true to size to a little bit big, so I still have room in my UK5 shoes. I also advised another cosplayer who usually wears a UK8 to try the UK7 and as far as I could tell from her messages, she seemed happy with that choice. If you can’t find your regular size, try sizing down, especially if you’re a half size like me. Chances are good they will fit you and if not, there will most likely be a fellow Clara who will take them off your hands.

As for the pricing of these shoes, there is once again a gap between cosplayers and cosplay muggles. The ones I’ve seen on Depop were usually a bit out of my price range and sold for up to £40. On eBay, they can start at £10. It all depends on who is selling them and what condition they’re in. Mine were around £20, but they look brand new as if they’ve never been worn outside, so I’m definitely not complaining here. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what the original retail price was.

I’m not a big fan of heels outside of cosplay because four years of working standing up took a toll on my feet and they’re only slowly recovering my last job, so wearing heels is usually quite painful for me. The Red or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels are not uncomfortable, but they’re also not shoes I would walk around in all day. A person who is used to heels will probably love them because the heels aren’t that high and the shoes fit quite well around the foot. I personally wouldn’t wear them to a convention, but even for longer photoshoots, they should be fine. Besides, they’re so pretty and sparkly that a bit of discomfort after a longer period of time hardly matters.

Something that surprised me was that the glitter is quite durable. I had almost expected to find loose glitter all over the place after receiving them, but it was glued on so well that the shoes hardly lose any at all. Also, if you put them into the sun, they leave a lovely pattern all over your floor. Overall, they’re just a super gorgeous pair of footwear that might even come in handy for a fancy costume party. Even my mum liked them so much that she started looking for a pair to give to a friend in her Baroque reenactment club.

Clara Oswald's Red Or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels as worn in Cold War

Clara Oswald’s Red Or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels as worn in Cold War

Clara Oswald's Cold War outfit features a Russian Navy Jacket, a custom made dress and the Red Or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels

Clara Oswald’s Cold War outfit features a Russian Navy Jacket, a custom made dress and the Red Or Dead Shirley Glitter Heels