Halloween is coming closer and I’m sure a lot of you will have considered the possibility of dressing up as your favourite Doctor Who companion. Since many of her clothes can be difficult to find or expensive, I made a little list focusing on more or less iconic Clara looks that are easy and cheap to copy at home even if you can’t find the screen accurate items. Let’s have a little look:

Season 7

Dress up as Clara Oswald for Halloween using alt colour clothes

Bells of Saint John
The dress comes in two colours: burgundy and grey. While the burgundy one might be a tad more expensive among cosplayers, you can find the grey one on eBay, Vinted or Depop for a lot less money and with some red dye, it’ll look just like the SA one. The grey cardigan Clara wears with it can also be found for around £5 – £10 and if not, any grey cardigan will do. It may not be Clara’s most iconic look, but it’s certainly recognizable and will keep you warm on a cool Halloween night.

For your perfect Halloween costume, you can find this Clara Oswald dress quite cheap on eBay UK

Day of the Doctor
That dress pops up quite often on eBay UK and it can sell for as little as £10, so that’s definitely one of the cheapest and most recognizable items you can get. The jacket, however, is very expensive and most of the cosplayers I know are using alts that they found online for just a few £. If you look at my post of the dress, you will find suggestions for the jacket as well. Throw in some black boots and you’re ready for your adventure with not only one but three Doctors.

Season 8

With a tartan skirt, a white blouse and a black cardigan, you can easily find the items for your Clara Oswald Halloween costume in your own wardrobe

Time of the Doctor/Deep Breath
A red tartan skirt, a white blouse (with or without lace collar) and a black cardigan are all you need to recreate THE most ironic Clara look. I have seen a lot of cosplayers with alt clothes at conventions and they all looked amazing. Add a self-made Christmas hat and maybe a Christmas cracker and you’re good to go. Every Whovian will recognize who you are even if you’re not wearing the SA clothes.

Clara Oswald’s Time Heist outfit makes for a great Halloween costume

Time Heist
You are very unlikely to find the screen accurate suit for a suitable (pun absolutely intended) price, but the alt suit I use cost me very little money and works to recreate the Clara look. Take a white blouse from your wardrobe, steal one of your dad’s or boyfriend’s ties and have a look at all the used clothes websites like eBay, Vinted and Depop because H&M made a burgundy suit that sells very cheap second-hand. Plus: This outfit is very nice for cooler nights.

The Caretaker is one of Clara’s most easy to come by outfits and perfect to wear on Halloween

There is an abundancy of skirts like these on Depop, so you will definitely find your Halloween costume there

The Caretaker
Both of Clara’s main outfits in this episode are quite easy to come by, especially on Depop, and most of the time, they are very affordable as well. You will have no problem putting together your Clara Oswald Halloween costume with these outfits even if you’ll have to use an alt for the burgundy blouse.

Using the right alts, this Clara Oswald outfit can make the perfect Halloween costume

Black jeans, black trainers, a plaid shirt and an army-look jacket. This is also a look I’ve seen on many cosplayers that have used ALT pieces and it’s still as recognisable as ever, especially if you add a sonic screwdriver. You can even get the SA plaid shirt for as little as £3.

Maybe not Clara’s most recognisable outfit, but it’s easy to put together for Halloween

In The Forest Of The Night
The jumper Clara wears in this episode pops up quite often and it can be cheap, too, especially if the seller isn’t a cosplayer. Add a pair of jeans, trainers and drape a yellow/mustard jacket around your hips and you’re ready to be recognized as a Clara cosplayer. Plus: if Halloween night is a cool night, you’ll have a spare jacket ready.

Season 9

This Clara Oswald is very easy to copy for Halloween, but it does require some handiwork

The Girl Who Died
This one requires at least some basic sewing skills. All you need is a pair of black jeans, brown boots and a denim shirt (any denim shirt will do because it’s hidden under the Viking vest). The vest is where it gets tricky because I don’t know if they sell this kind of vest online, but something you can most definitely find online is the sewing pattern to make one and it’s really not that hard. It’s a Viking vest and if you look closely, you can see that the edges of Clara’s vest are fraying as well. Look at my post about the vest and you will find more about how I made my own. This outfit, however, will be a kickass Clara Oswald Halloween costume.

One of Clara Oswald’s most iconic looks and the perfect Halloween costume

Face The Raven
I’m fairly certain there’s a pair of black jeans and trainers in your closet somewhere and if not, you can get them quite cheap at your next clothing and shoe shop. They might not be the SA shoes, but that would be the last thing to worry about. The jumper is one of Clara’s most iconic looks because technically, she wore it for four episodes. The SA Topshop Hybrid jumper might not be all that easy to find, but there are ALT versions available from several different shops. You can also recreate it with a cheap, grey jumper, some lace bought online and a blouse worn underneath with the most elementary sewing skills. If you carry a stuffed raven plush toy around at your Halloween party, everyone will know who you are.