Season 7

Season 7 starts out with several cute dresses, skirts and playsuits. Even though most of them are paired with biker boots (All Saints), they still have an overall girly vibe which suits Clara’s character at that point. She’s a girl in the process of finishing her education, living with family friends and her clothes reflect her character. Most of these items (apart from custom made ones) are from Urban Outfitters, which are quite pricey, but still affordable by someone who could have afforded to travel. Even though her style is very playful and girly (like adding a collar to the Vaudeville & Burlesque dress), it’s still practical enough for everyday activities and her travels with the Doctor. Pieces she’s spotted wearing more often are her UO Eagle necklace and the Barbour jacket (probably her most expensive item in that season) as well as her All Saints boots and F-Troupe wedges. Her echoes have obviously led different lives, but still maintain a girly look suitable for their era. Victorian Clara is the only one who appears more feminine than girly, but since she works as a barmaid/governess, it makes sense to put her in outfits suitable for her position.

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