Season 8

Season 8 shows a shift towards more elegant clothes which reflects Clara’s character development. She has matured since S7 and moved out of the Maitland’s house, got her own flat, finished her education and we already see that before DotD, she started a job as a teacher. She seems to earn quite a lot, at least enough to afford a wardrobe that consists mostly of Topshop clothes, but she has several items from expensive brands in her wardrobe as well (the Alice McCall dress, The Kooples suit, dress and jacket). Her everyday wardrobe can no longer be considered girly, instead, it is still cute, but more on the elegant, feminine side. It is made clear from her wardrobe that Clara is now an adult, but she still has a preference for dresses and skirts. Two outfits that always seem a bit odd when compared to the rest are the ones in ITFOTN and Flatline. While she was out on a sleepover with her class Clara would obviously choose something comfortable, but Flatline still strikes me as odd compared to the rest because it doesn’t really seem to go with her usual style. Also, choosing to wear a suit to a date when Clara is clearly a dress and skirt person, seems like an odd choice for her characters (however, it is quite practical for robbing a bank).

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