Season 9

In season 9, the shift towards elegant continues and her style seems to have matured further. Clara still wears a lot of dresses and skirts, but we see her wear a pair of black jeans during half the episodes as well. Clara must earn quite a lot of money as a teacher because her S9 wardrobe features more designer clothes than the previous seasons and this time, she doesn’t only wear them to special occasions but on what looks like planned adventures with the Doctor. She wears not less than four items from the French designer brand Claudie Pierlot, five items from &Other Stories, a Maje blouse and a couple of other items (the J.Crew jumper, the All Saints Mac, the Miss Patina pinafore) that weren’t exactly cheap, so it’s clear that Clara has a lot more money than she did as a student in S7. Topshop is still featured in her wardrobe as well. While some of her outfits could still be considered “cute” (UTL/BTF), many of her outfits are more on the classic, feminine, mature side. Apart from her insanely uncomfortable shoes, she is also seen wearing more practical outfits that are suitable for adventures in time and space (TGWD, FtR).

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