The specials span over a couple of years but mainly, they’re set during or after S7 while Clara transitions from a student who lives with friends of the family to being a teacher and getting her own flat. The clothes she wears here are still very girly and flowery like most of her S7 wardrobe with two very cute dresses (the River Island dress from DotD and the Yumi dress from The Ultimate Guide). Her DW at the Proms outfit is a Topshop/Whistles combination while the shorts and shoes were already featured in another S7 episode. Clara hosts the family Christmas dinner at her own flat (probably for the first time) and for that occasion, she chose an outfit that is a little more expensive than her everyday wear which includes the Karen Millen skirt and the Vaudeville & Burlesque blouse paired with a Yumi cardigan. That outfit is also very cute and girly and fitting for a festive occasion. The outfits she wears in most of the specials continue her S7 look in style and price range. However, Last Christmas is set about a year later and include quite a pricey robe and slippers.

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