About My Photos

In light of recent events, I felt forced to add a watermark to all the photos I’ve taken myself. A fellow cosplayer pointed me in the direction of a listing on eBay that used my photo and I just want to prevent further abuse of the photos that took me over a week to take, edit and upload. I don’t mind people using these photos for their ISO (in search of, cosplay slang) posts, but using them for eBay and other websites bugs me because a) the item pictured and the item being sold are two different things. It’s misleading and might even be used to sell an item that’s not actually in their possession (I’ve seen that happen before). The watermark makes it clear that the seller didn’t take the photo (and if you remove it for a listing, you’re a bad person) and serves as a protection for you as well to spot scammers. B) I spent a great amount of time to take and edit the photos for you. They’re here for you to save, compare, search for Clara items with, for sewing and drawing reference and not to make money.

With the watermark, you’re allowed to use them for a listing if you want to present the entire outfit in addition to the photos you’ve taken yourself. But you know what would be even nicer than just using them to sell your item? If you buy me a coffee.