Clara’s Clothes – A List

Where can you find out which clothes Clara wore?

I will definitely include all known IDs in my posts, but if you’re a fan of having a nice, sleek overview, read on. If you want a list, there are several places to look: The Clara Oswald Cosplay Facebook Page has an extensive list of most of her items with comments. Mariah’s Cosplay Site is also very thorough but doesn’t cover S9. WornOnTV lists several of Clara’s clothes, but it’s nowhere near complete and especially lacks accessories. The Clara Oswald Cosplay Livejournal also has a lot of items, but again, it’s not complete. I created my very own list in the shape of a nice table which still isn’t complete, but I’ve added a couple of items that were identified by the cosplay community and haven’t been listed anywhere else so far.

Where do you get this list?

You can download a PDF file with all item IDs known to me and my fellow cosplayers here. I will update the list when I get a new ID.
Last update: March 2019.